One More Chance C.A.T.S.

A Non-Profit Corporation


One More Chance (C.A.T.S) is a 501c3 Rescue Group located in the Red Rock community of St. George, Utah. Our objectives are to reduce the number of feral and community cats in Washington County by offering no to low cost Spay/Neuter programs to caregivers of stray and feral cats and low income families.

One More Chance (C.A.T.S) operates a feral cat Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) program, where free-roaming or feral cats are trapped, spayed/neutered/vaccinated, and returned to their familiar surroundings under the care of a volunteer who provides them with food and water and basic shelter. Our partnerships include the good hearted people of our County, Cities of St. George and Ivins, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, No More Homeless Pets of Utah and numerous businesses and animal-loving individuals. Over 450 feral and community cats are spayed/neutered/vaccinated through one of our programs each year. That's a lot of cats "wild without child!"

Due to the economic down turn, we’ve found many families in our community cannot afford to feed their pets. In an effort to keep animals with their owners, rather than the animals going into our already over-crowded shelters, we’ve set up a food bank at our facility to help families-in-need feed their pets. Food is also distributed to Good Samaritans who care for our communities feral and stray cats.

TNR, low-cost spays/neuters, Adopt-A-Friend ads, and food is only available because of caring people like you who help out with donations of food, blankets, time, and of course, a few dollars. Thank you for your generosity!

Donations for Spays/neuters/vaccinations/foods