One More Chance C.A.T.S.


Trap Neuter Return!

Trap-Neuter-Release, or TNR, is a humane method for population control supported by many communities, large and small, throughout the United States and abroad. First heralded in the U.S. fifteen years ago by Alley Cat Allies, a Washington DC-based educational organization, TNR provides long term sustained population control, the only solution to the homeless cat population crisis.

How is it that trapping, neutering then returning cats to their original location is better to control the population than trapping to euthanize?

Simply withholding food and hoping they will go away has little effect as the cats will simply resort to rodents and birds once established in a location. Removing some unfortunate animals to have them killed will only allow others to step in to fill the void. It may take several breeding cycles or even several years, but nature will eventually replace the former colony with a new one. We have heard this time and again when we go to sites to trap. Last year, animal control took them all away, well, almost all. Then more kittens came. Now we have more than before!

TNR is different than trapping for permanent removal. This process allows us to maintain the population numbers, just takes away the cats' ability to continue to produce offspring, curtailing growth immediately. Putting the cats back is the key. It provides stability to those who were not caught during the first round, so they continue to openly feed at the site, and can then be subsequently trapped. Trapping 100% of the colony is then possible and imperative to success.

TNR works also to curtail nuisance behaviors, such as territorial fighting, spraying and disease transmission.

The colony then will live out its life and die off naturally provided maintenance by the colony caretaker is adhered to. This includes trapping to spay/neuter any new entrants, removing sick cats from the colony, and flagging tame strays wandering through for removal.

TNR is the only humane solution. The plight of homeless cats was created by humans, so it's up to us to help them and stop their population growth. Thank you so much for your concern about them and for partnering with us to stop their suffering.

I wish to help!
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