One More Chance C.A.T.S.

A Non-Profit Corporation


What we have been able to accomplish so far.....

- Brought the Big Fix to La Verkin/Hurricane/Toquerville area
- TNR'd 106 feral cats (which has prevented over 5,400
kittens from being born in the next 8 years!)
- Adopted out 6 adult cats and 23 kittens from our Thrift Shop
....all were spayed and neutered first.
- Fostered 3 mama cats and their kittens from the local shelter.
All were adopted.
- Tamed and adopted 2 feral cats and 5 kittens.
- Spayed and neutered 21 pet cats and 11 shelter cats.
- Helped to spay and neuter 10 kittens from another rescue.

What we would like to accomplish with your help....

- Education of our youths so they may see the importance of pets
and how to properly care for them.
- A low-cost spay/neuter clinic, or at the very least, the availability
of low-cost spays/neuters through our local veterinarians.
- Lessen the amount of kittens born each year to unfavorable or
unwanted conditions, thus lessening the amount of cats in the
shelters and the unnecessary killing of unfortunate kitties.