Dorie's Fund


Dorie's Story

Dorie was rescued from our local animal shelter when she was about 1 1/2 years old. After a Saturday of adopting pets out at Petco, I was getting ready to leave the shelter when a family brought a pitbull/lab mix into the shelter to have her euth'd. I asked what was wrong with her and they said they were moving and she just wasn't 'right'. She looked lethargic and, they were correct, she was not 'right'. The AC officer said she had seen the animal before and she always was happy and jumping around and this day she was certainly not the same dog. I told the people that I would take her and if I got her well, would they like to have her back? They said no. In other words, they were just killing her so they didn't have to take her with them.

On the way home, Dorie put her head in my lap and was quiet. When we got home, she drank like there was no tomorrow. She never showed any signs of being sick other than extreme thirst.

I have had her here for several years. During that time she started having seizures and after thinking back, this is the reason she was not right the day I rescued her. She was just coming out of a seizure. Her seizures were infrequent and our vet assured me that she would be OK without medication. She had several bouts a year, but nothing to worry about. We had an Aussie at the time we got Dorie and when the seizures started, she would attack poor Dorie. It was the 'save the pack from the sick one' mentality. I don't fault her or Dorie. We adopted the Aussie out to save poor Dorie after the Aussie tore her ear.

Over the weekend of April 21, 2007, we went to visit a relative and when we got back on Monday we could see Dorie had had a seizure while we were gone. For a few days after a seizure, she would be stand-offish and confused. We figured she probably had had one on Saturday. On Tuesday, I went to check on her and found her in another seizure.....but this time she was not coming out of it. We got her to the emergency vet and she stayed there overnight. I picked her up on Wednesday morning and I took her to my regular vet, where we had to make THE decision. Dorie had had another seizure when I picked her up at the emergency vet and her blood levels also indicated kidney failure. The first thing my regular vet asked me is if she ate the recalled food. No, she did not....not that I know of. But since they are still doing recalls and not letting us know the full true story, her food could have been contaminated as is human food now. Because of her kidney failure and the indication that she had brain damage, we made the hard decision to let her go. As I am writing this, she is waiting to be buried on our property.

In Dorie's memory, I am establishing DORIE'S FUND. This will be placed at the emergency vet's office for help when someone needs extra funds.

Thank you for reading about ^Dorie^ and the reason for her fund. She was a good dog and will be sorely missed.