One More Chance C.A.T.S.

Proposed Washington County Animal Shelter

The original idea of a county-wide shelter was first proposed to me by Carol of PAWS (Providing Animals With Support). She had been talking with others about the feasibilty of one being placed by the County Jail. There was a lot of talk about the idea, but no organized effort was made until now. During the past few years, Rene of Apple Valley was being overwhelmed by the vast amounts of animals being dumped in her area of the county and wanted to build a shelter for them. When she contacted Carol, the ball rolled from there and Rene is now spearheading the drive for a county shelter. What does One More Chance C.A.T.S. have to do with this? Being organized in Virgin, also a rural area with no shelter, we feel the everyday need for a shelter firsthand. We will do all we can to help them raise awareness of this sad situation (dumped, abandoned animals, owners with no place to put their animals when the need arises, too many unwanted animals being born, etc.) and help them raise funds and support for their efforts.

The shelter to be built (hopefully!) is being proposed for the area near the Purgatory Jail, near the Fairgrounds. The reason for this site is many fold......first of all it is central to the entire County. No one community has to travel an excess amount to reach it. Second, it is where no residences will be bothered by any noise the animals may make, real or perceived. Third, it is close to the Purgatory Jail and the Juvenile Detention facility. Why are these facilities important? It has been suggested that, perhaps, the inmates could help with the animals. The cages will need to be cleaned, the animals fed and watered, and petted. Most animals going into a shelter need tender loving care and some will need retraining to become the best pet they can be. Much like the inmates needing guidance, these animals need it too. This could be a win-win situation for the animals and the inmates. The inmates learn to care for a living being, the animals get loved and trained in return.

What can you do to help? If you live in the rural communities with no shelter, we need your signature on the petitions (please click button below) asking for the County Commissioners to consider the Shelter. If you sign the petition, all you are doing is asking them to check it out, no other obligation on your part. We also need people to pass the word on what we are trying to accomplish. If you wish to help in other ways in regards to this, please contact One More Chance.

Hard copy petitions are also being placed around the county in the hopes of getting enough signatures to let the County Commissioners know that we need that shelter. You can sign a petition anywhere, you do not have to be from the area where the petition is found.
Toquerville Petition is in the City Office
Virgin Petitions are in the Town Office as well as the Post Office
Leeds Petition is outside the Post Office on the Community Bulletin Board
New Harmony Petition is outside the convenience store by I-15
Apple Valley Contact Rene Minnis 435-877-1046
St. George Petition is at Painter's RV 1500 Hilton Drive. Kris Neal, sales.
Hurricane Possibly at the Animal Shelter, no one has called back to confirm
Gunlock Petition is posted on the community board outside the Fire Department
Veyo Petitions will be at Spanish Trails and Veyo Merch
Dammeron Valley Petition will be at the Dammeron Valley BBQ
Santa Clara Petition is on the front counter in the City Office
Kayenta Petition is on the credenza in the Sales Office
Rockville Petitions will be at the Post Office and Doggy Dude Ranch
Springdale Petitions will be at The Mean Bean and Cafe Sol

More locations will be listed as we get them distributed. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. With your help this shelter can become a reality!!